PMU Professional Summer

The scent of the summer! Our new product line will revive memories of childhood ignited by the fragrance, restoring a more youthful time, carefree and frolicking. Close your eyes, breathe in and let yourself be transported back in time! All year round …

PMU Professional Summer was created as care of the body and face during the summer months, and beyond. A slightly-sweet aromatic based fragrance that will make you want to never let go of summer.


PMU Professional Summer LIPS (Lip Balm)

Top-quality care for dry and chapped lips. This highly-effective moisturizing balm will nourish and protect your lips for extended periods of time. The balm contains raspberry seed oil which provides UV protection, critical during the summer months; shea butter and jojoba oil ensuring the perfect amount of hydration; manuka honey which fights against herpes and greatly supports the regeneration process … and the magical plump component, providing firmer and fuller lips.


PMU Professional Summer AFTER SUN (Post-Sunbathing Cream)

A composition of the highest quality ingredients which ensures robust regeneration and hydration of the skin after sunbathing or prolonged exposure to the sun. When applying the cream directly after sunbathing, you will enable smooth, moisturized skin, thus enjoying a beautiful tan for a much longer period of time! Active ingredients include hemp oil which accelerates skin regeneration; poppy seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and cocoa butter all vigorously moisturize, collagen with elastin provides tension, while sodium succinate restores proper hydration levels, all assuring youthful, healthy skin. A wonderful fragrance that will last up to 12 hours on the skin.

PMU Professional Summer Sparkling Mist

Have you ever dreamt of a glistening tan at sunset? Our mist not only adds shine, but thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it will also moisture the skin. A subtle shimmering, golden skin combined with a mellow, coquettish fragrance will make your holiday tan more compelling and making you feel attractive as never before!


PMU Professional Summer Toner


Ensuring your skin is hydrated on hot, warm days. Thanks to the powerful ingredients of panthenol and honey manuka, Summer Toner will not only care for dry skin but forcibly step up its’ regeneration.