PMU Professional Remover

The first product, PMU has the pleasure of introducing is the PMU Professional Remover. This thoughtfully prepared formula targets linergists and permanent make-up trainers. Used to repair fresh mistakes and remedy older, more permanent mistakes, the Remover is an ideal alternative to the ND YAG Q-switch laser, allowing one to safely remove pigment from any and all areas of the face (including even eyelids or lips). This all-natural presciption does not cause any allergic reactions nor presents any risk of scarring.

Advantages of the PMU Professional Remover:

  • Contains no acids
  • Natural ingredients of the highest-quality
  • Safely applicable to sensitive areas (eyelids, lips)
  • Highly effective, providing maximum security regardless of pigment color (ideal for camouflage removal)
  • No black or yellow scabs during the healing process
  • Possibility to perform treatment every 4 weeks
  • Repairing of pigmentation can be done one month after the last brightening treatment
  • Tested and registered throughout the EU

PMU Professional Recovery 

A 100% organic healing cream, that works as an antiseptic to moisturize, soothe and relieve in caring for problem sores.

The perfect care product fort:

  • After the procedure of removing permanent make-up
  • For homecare customers after permanent make-up treatment

PMU Professional Recovery

  • Supports the healing process after pigmentation
  • Relieves inflammatory lesions from eczema and psoriasis
  • Targeted care for atopic dermatitis
  • Perfect weapon when fighting herpes
  • Highly-effective care after acid exfoliation, dermapen, etc.
  • Effective care for dry and chapped lips


PMU Professional Toner is another product from our 100% organic, natural product line.

Works during:

  • Cabinet procedures in the field of white cosmetics (cavitation peeling, masks, etc.)
  • Washing liquid during pigmentation (works antiseptic, soothes, thoroughly cellulite skin pigment)
  • Resale for the client – homecare for mature, dry, atopic and problematic skin