PMU Professional Acne & Spots

A series of cosmetics designed to fight discoloration of various origins, to include spots and acne.


PMU Professional Acne & Spots Ampule

A cosmetic specifically designed and targeted for professional treatments, allowing one to effectively fight both shallow and deep discolorations, as well as acne and pimples. The ampoule isĀ acidĀ free and suitable for working with dermapen (skin needling), ultrasound, oxygen infusion, after microdermabrasion and other similar treatments.


PMU Professional Acne & Spots Whitening Cream

The perfect cosmetic for homecare, delivering an antiseptic, anti-acne remedy that will brighten the skin. The cream contains a mixture of 4 acids (azelaic acid, kojic, shikimic and lactic) and natural brightening agents, to enhance the regeneration and rebuilding of the skin.


PMU Professional Acne & Spots Whitening Toner

A specially designed tonic to combat any and all discoloration for both professional use (e.g., salons) or in the comfort of your own home. This special formula contains a careful mixture of 4 acids, vitamin B3, sodium succinate (amazing in action) and tea tree oil to soothe irritation, along with natural brightening and regenerating agents.



Coming soon! The premiere line of next-generation PMU Professional Organic Cosmetics:

PMU Professional Earth

PMU Professional Spa