group of products that is the result of cooperation pharmacist Dr. Walenty Pankiewicz and experienced cosmetologist Kinga Kowalczyk

producer: Kinga Kowalczyk, ul. Szymanowskiego 8/2, Szczecin

About us

Each formulation consists of the highest quaility natural ingredients. Our original recipes have been completely refined to meet the expcetations of even the most demanding customers. PMU Professional cosmetics have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and have been registered throughout the European Union.

The first product we have the pleasure to present is PMU Professional Remover. This is a preparation directed to linergists and permanent makeup trainers. It is used to correct fresh mistakes and brighten up old, permanent make-up remedies. It is an ideal alternative to the ND YAG Q-switch laser. Allows you to safely remove pigment from any area of ​​the face (even eyelids or red lips). The natural formulation does not cause allergic reactions and does not present a risk of scarring

Advantages of PMU Professional Remover  Silver & Gold

– does not contain acids

– natural ingredients of the highest quality

– safety at work in sensitive areas (eyelids, red lips)

– high efficiency and maximum security regardless of pigment color (ideal for camouflage removal)

– no black / yellow scabs during the healing process

– possibility to perform treatment every 4 weeks

– Repair pigmentation can be done one month after the last brightening treatment

– tested and registered throughout the EU

– Polish product

PMU Professional Recovery is a fully organic cream that moisturizes, soothes and works antiseptic and brings relief during care of problem soles.

It’s a perfect care product:
Ѵ after the procedure of removing permanent make-up
Ѵ supports the healing process after pigmentation
Ѵ relieves inflammatory lesions of eczema and psoriasis
Ѵ perfect care for atopic dermatitis
Ѵ perfect weapon when fighting herpes
Ѵ effective care after acid exfoliation, dermapen, etc.
Ѵ works well when caring for dry and chapped lips

PMU Professional Toner is another cosmetic from our organic and natural products.

Works during:
Ѵ cabinet procedures in the field of white cosmetics (cavitation peeling, masks, etc.)
Ѵ washing liquid during pigmentation (works antiseptic, soothes, thoroughly
cellulite skin pigment)
Ѵ resale for the client – home care for mature, dry, atopic skin,

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